Figuring Out Dress Codes

It's 2017. Stop going into places with defined dress codes dressed inappropriately. Today, I had lunch at a country club. The invitation stated that the dress code was club casual. Though I had a good idea of what that meant, do you know what I did? I Googled "Club casual" to make sure my understanding … Continue reading Figuring Out Dress Codes


The Business of Casual

In liberal environments, don't do the most when it comes to dressing, but don't do the least. Be you and be comfortable. People will respect your style and your ability to maneuver in and out of different situations with apparent ease.

Don’t Believe The Hype

Contrary to popular belief, everyone isn't an urban hipster. Everyone doesn't live in a loft, have a wild sex life, and drink lattes every morning. Everyone isn't a creative nor an entrepreneur nor a photographer nor a Crossfit enthusiast. Everyone doesn't dress like a model every day. Everyone doesn't do everything. Everyone doesn't do anything. … Continue reading Don’t Believe The Hype

The Plague

There is a plague ravishing American corporate culture.  That plague is called "Comfort."  How often do you walk into an office and see women in leggings?  Or men in sneakers and jeans?  And all of this on a Tuesday?  I understand companies having relaxed cultures and maybe I'm just old-fashioned but there is something distinguished … Continue reading The Plague

The Order of Things

Though we live in an increasingly egalitarian society in which, more often than not, we feel as if we can do as we please, we shouldn't always do that.  There are rules and hierarchies that govern the ways we interact within our given societies.  This allows us to maintain order and civility (and it separates us from … Continue reading The Order of Things

Working Woman: Are you dressed for the job?

With today's society playing a huge role in fashion, sometimes it is important to stick with the basics - what fashion guru's would call essentials - when dressing for work or interviews. I know we all have our connotations for the word "basic", but breath, it's not always a bad term to gravitate to. It … Continue reading Working Woman: Are you dressed for the job?

The Right Lapel

Whenever you can't quite put your finger on why someone doesn't look right in an outift, there's probably a rule being broken.  For example, do you ever see a guy in a suit and it's well-cut but it still looks off for some reason? Either overdressed or underdressed Well it might be the lapels.  Check out the diagram … Continue reading The Right Lapel