The Business of Casual

In liberal environments, don’t do the most when it comes to dressing, but don’t do the least. Be you and be comfortable. People will respect your style and your ability to maneuver in and out of different situations with apparent ease. Continue reading The Business of Casual

Working Woman: Are you dressed for the job?

With today’s society playing a huge role in fashion, sometimes it is important to stick with the basics – what fashion guru’s would call essentials – when dressing for work or interviews. I know we all have our connotations for the word “basic”, but breath, it’s not always a bad term to gravitate to. It has been predicted that fashion will continue to become sexier and much more revealing, but it is certainly not what employers are looking for. As a female or male, details matter when dressing for an interview or a business-related job. To begin, I’d like to … Continue reading Working Woman: Are you dressed for the job?

The Right Lapel

Whenever you can’t quite put your finger on why someone doesn’t look right in an outift, there’s probably a rule being broken.  For example, do you ever see a guy in a suit and it’s well-cut but it still looks off for some reason? Either overdressed or underdressed Well it might be the lapels.  Check out the diagram below and maybe you’ll be able to figure out what to buy next time you’re buying a suit/tux.   Source: Combatant Gent Continue reading The Right Lapel