Discerning the Urgent from the Important

Before dropping everything, ask yourself, "Can it wait? Is this thing that's urgent in my eyes truly important or am I just being impatient?"


#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 8

This #TrendingThursday, we have tips for e-mail and tips from Einstein.

My Favorite Four Letter Word

If you receive an e-mail and it requires you to take action, read the e-mail in its entirety for understanding. Then, if you have questions, read it a second time. If you're still not getting it (and there is nothing wrong with not getting something), then you ask. But if it is evident that you … Continue reading My Favorite Four Letter Word

Do You Need That?

I am willing to estimate that I get 100 e-mails a day (not talking about my work e-mail address). I may need to look at fifteen. Four may require a response. So what do I do with the other eighty five? Well, I've started selecting all unread e-mails, scanning the subject line and sender, and, those … Continue reading Do You Need That?

Clear Your Inbox

If you're like me, your e-mail inbox can get pretty flipping hectic. Every day, I get a minimum of 25 messages sent to my personal account. Maybe 3 require a response. But I rarely go through them. I say, "I really want to read this person's blog posts. I'll do it when I get home." … Continue reading Clear Your Inbox

Can You Find The Mistake?

John's network got him a job opportunity with Firm A and School B.  Firm A ended up moving their hiring process quickly whereas School B was taking their time.  So, by the time School B reached back out to John, he had already accepted a Firm A's offer (but, like any motivated young professional, he … Continue reading Can You Find The Mistake?

Back In The Office. Now What?

You all saw the #12Days1Duffle hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.  You were able to keep up with Desirée and me on The Reader.  But now, I'm back and work is a real place that people have to go to when they return from vacation.  But what does returning from the office look like?  If you're … Continue reading Back In The Office. Now What?