Thanks for Rooting for Us, Issa

A few months ago, I had a chance to be the official photographer when Ms. Issa Rae visited North Carolina Central University in Durham. Lately, Issa has been in the news for everything from a successful airing of her HBO hit show “Insecure” to saying that she’s “rooting for everybody black” at the 2017 Emmys.

Issa has been shaking things up for a few years now and hasn’t stopped yet. Having had the chance to meet her outside of her acting, I must say that she’s either a really good person, really good at acting like a really good person, or (hopefully) both. She has put in the time necessary to provide the world with a different purview on what being a black woman in America means. She popularized a different truth and, by doing this, she’s making being a quirky black person, regardless of gender, more acceptable.

Issa, thanks for rooting for all of us, whether we’re hip, odd, athletic, academic, or, the most likely scenario, all of the above. We’ll make sure we keep pushing toward our own mark of black excellence.

Make being whoever you are a priority.