Built For This

Today, I was talking to a friend of mine who has an established business but she’s trying to continue to develop her brand. She and I talk frequently and, every time we speak, we’re sharing opportunities or articles.

She and I, like an increasing number of my friends, have lost a parent in recent years and that is one thing that motivates me the most. When I texted her today to see how things were going, she said she needs to get some things under control as it relates to her brand. I reminded her that we are built for this and that we both have parents who fed into us so we could do what we will do. Whether you’re motivated by legacy or income, know that you are good enough and you can succeed. The only question is “Are you going to ethically do what it takes to succeed?”

Oh, and, while I’m thinking about it, another takeaway from this whole post is to keep people in your circle who are going to push you as you push them. Birds of a feather flock together.

Make professional development a priority.


Camp Lead-Up

Within the scope of professional development, one must consider the social responsibility that individuals and companies have to the surrounding communities. Today, I am honored to post about an organization that is giving back to the community and changing lives of young people with the assistance of corporate and individual sponsorships. This organization is Camp Lead-Up.


Camp Lead-Up Summer Leadership Institute is a 5 day exploration designed to change, challenge and charge our youth in a way which prepares them for their roles of leadership in tomorrow as well as provide them with the tools they need to be a standout in their schools and communities. Through leadership curriculum, staff of trained Council Leaders & Professional Educational Facilitators as well City Leadership Voyages, Camp Lead-Up seek to develop talents young people currently possess and direct them towards positive means of expressing their abilities.

It was created out of a cry of support from youth who are creative, but not focused, supported but not motivated. Often times young people feel cast out and left aside while the world keeps spinning. Many times we dub the youth “Leaders of the Future” and even provide them the tools necessary to compete, but we fail in helping to provide them with the vision to see where they could potentially fit in the world. In the 21st century competing with students from across the nation takes more than the typical classroom setting allows. Lead-Up provides students the chance to see where they belong and help them to begin planting the seeds of change in whatever field they pursue. From life skills to career exploration Lead-Up seeks to aid the holistic student in the Journey to their Destiny.

To learn more about Camp Lead-Up, its mission, and to donate to its efforts, please visit www.gofundme.com/campleadup.