It’s All You Have

“Forever is big.” — 2013 NBA Finals Television Advertisement Tomorrow: Not promised.  11:59 PM on whatever day you’re reading this post: Not promised.  The next second of life is not promised.  You have right now.  What are you doing with it?  Or, so you won’t think I’m being judgemental, what unnecessary things do I do with my time?  The amount of time spent daily on Instagram: Wasted.  Scrolling past articles on my Twitter timeline that will impact my growth and, instead, choosing to click on a WorldStar video: A waste.  Riding the bus to work and sleeping as opposed to reading one … Continue reading It’s All You Have

Heart of Detroit by E.T.

Since there isn’t a “Motivational Album of the Year” Grammy, I will go ahead and say the mixtape of the year from last year goes to Eric Thomas. And he’s started this one off by releasing a second truly unique collection of his inspirational audio clips accompanied by some of today’s most powerful music. Eric Thomas’ story is truly amazing. I heard the man speak one day on YouTube last year and thought it was a one time thing. Even so, that one speech was on my iPod on repeat for months. Then I heard he had a mixtape called … Continue reading Heart of Detroit by E.T.