Character Over Everything

I don't care what you have or what social circles you frequent. The number of square feet in your home do not matter, nor do the businesses you own. Hitler owned Maybachs. Hillary knew Donald long before either of the two knew they'd run for president. Slave owners had some of the largest homes in … Continue reading Character Over Everything


Loving Yourself and Everyone Else

As Black History Month comes to a close, I want to remind you that, no matter who you are or what your background is, love yourself and don't be afraid of others. Fear leads to hate and hate leads to evil. You can love yourself and your heritage without hating others. When I say "black … Continue reading Loving Yourself and Everyone Else

The Steps

It is a new year (you can pretty much say that for the first month-ish of a year, right?). 2017 (Crazy that I was born 30 years ago). And, to me, that just means that this is a new day. But to some, that means resolutions. What resolutions have you made? What are you going … Continue reading The Steps

The Name of the Game

Consistency. That's the name of the game. Welcome to 2017. No one knows me for being a blogger exactly. My brand doesn't rely on the fact that I have a professional development blog. There are millions of "bloggers" across the world. But I can't think of many who are daily bloggers. Consistency is what keeps … Continue reading The Name of the Game

There Are Two Types of Leaders

A few months ago, I tweeted "Don't be independent enough to take credit when things go right but not strong enough to take criticism when they go wrong. #Leadership."  Too many people in positions of power lack the integrity necessary to share praise and to take responsibility.  I'm not saying that you, as a leader, … Continue reading There Are Two Types of Leaders

Crooked Banks

Generally, I don't write on Financial Friday because I'm not a financial advisor. So I post a story that has been written by a credible source or I write about services provided by a credible source. But today, I'm going to step out of my comfort zone a bit and ask you to examine your … Continue reading Crooked Banks