Rough Stages of Hair Growth

October and November are the months to let it start growing. Get those rough stages over with, both on your hair and face, and give those patchy spots time to fill in in as No Shave November approaches and, subsequently, shows itself.Β 


Maintaining Facial Hair

Yesterday's post, Beard Season Cometh, was about growing your facial hair during the colder months of the year while still working in a professional setting. Today is about how to do it (or how I do it). There are a few options. When I was in Charlotte and going to No Grease Barbershop, I would … Continue reading Maintaining Facial Hair

Beard Season Cometh

Slowly but surely, it's cooling down outside. We've reached that time of year for spiced beers, pumpkiny lattΓ©s, and, yes, beards. Now, beards aren't for every corporate setting. Know where you are and what you do before you think about growing one. Airing on the side of caution, I usually have an open discussion with … Continue reading Beard Season Cometh

What is Movember All About?

Guys! What's going on? We're not shaving this month right? It's cool, right? But why aren't we shaving? Not because it's cool. Actually, we're not shaving because we're trying to raise awareness. The same way that we wore pink or purple last month to raise awareness surrounding breast cancer or domestic violence, respectively. So what's … Continue reading What is Movember All About?