Betting On Yourself

I know that, while I'm grateful for my income, I could be bringing in so much more and I can do that while keeping my current job and gaining this valuable experience.


Do You Want to Be Rich or Wealthy?

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. For financial advice, please seek out the help of licensed professional, like George Acheampong. Income does not indicate wealth. I am learning that more and more every day. Some of the people I know with the highest incomes are the worst with money. New cars every year, new … Continue reading Do You Want to Be Rich or Wealthy?

Economy Proofing

Two nights ago, around midnight, one of my fraternity brothers put in our group chat "Drop everything and go get gas!!!" He had heard that there was about to be a rise in gas prices.To provide a disclaimer, I go get gas every Sunday after church from a bulk store I have a membership at … Continue reading Economy Proofing

Shaking It Up: A Call For Content and Contributors.

Success is a process.  You find what does work and what doesn't.  Some things work 47% of the time, kind of work 32%, and, the other 21%, they flop.  That's how this blogging thing is.  I started off with themed topics daily (Motivational Monday, Tech Tuesday, Well-Dressed Wednesday, Trending Thursday, and Financial Friday) for the … Continue reading Shaking It Up: A Call For Content and Contributors.

I’m Starting a New Habit

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (my personal accounts, not the @DanDailyReader accounts which I hope you're following anyway), you'll know that I was in Chicago last week.  My personal handles on both are simple: @DeryleDanielsJr.  Anyway, while in Chicago, my fraternity brother, financial advisor, and close friend, George Acheampong, was in town … Continue reading I’m Starting a New Habit

Never Too Soon

Most of my readers are between 18 and 35.  And many of us, at this age, don't see the value in saving for retirement.  Sure, we know how to save for a car or a pair of Jordans but the strategic planning that is required to make sure that we can live comfortably after our … Continue reading Never Too Soon

Too Good To Be True?

Ok... So I've always been a firm believer that, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Quick food. Quick relationships. Quick fix fitness plans and diets. Sure there are exceptions to the rules but if success was easy, everyone would have it, right? Well the same is true for credit scores. … Continue reading Too Good To Be True?