Betting On Yourself

I know that, while I'm grateful for my income, I could be bringing in so much more and I can do that while keeping my current job and gaining this valuable experience.


Do You Want to Be Rich or Wealthy?

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. For financial advice, please seek out the help of licensed professional, like George Acheampong. Income does not indicate wealth. I am learning that more and more every day. Some of the people I know with the highest incomes are the worst with money. New cars every year, new … Continue reading Do You Want to Be Rich or Wealthy?

Economy Proofing

Two nights ago, around midnight, one of my fraternity brothers put in our group chat "Drop everything and go get gas!!!" He had heard that there was about to be a rise in gas prices.To provide a disclaimer, I go get gas every Sunday after church from a bulk store I have a membership at … Continue reading Economy Proofing

I’m Starting a New Habit

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (my personal accounts, not the @DanDailyReader accounts which I hope you're following anyway), you'll know that I was in Chicago last week.  My personal handles on both are simple: @DeryleDanielsJr.  Anyway, while in Chicago, my fraternity brother, financial advisor, and close friend, George Acheampong, was in town … Continue reading I’m Starting a New Habit

Find a Great Barber/Hairstylist

I'm so fortunate.  Since college, I've had some awesome barbers.  But, with each relocation, it takes me getting through the not so awesome ones to get to the ones I need. Over the past decade, I've made four moves within North Carolina: Durham > Greensboro > Charlotte > Durham.  Growing up, I went to the … Continue reading Find a Great Barber/Hairstylist

Makes Cents 2 Me

  Today, I would like to introduce you to another financial resource. My financial advisor, Mr. George Acheampong, in conjunction with his company Timeless Solutions Financial Advisory Group, recently launched a website called Makes Cents 2 Me. It is focused on educating and updating those of us who may not have degrees in finance but … Continue reading Makes Cents 2 Me

Want to Get Out of Debt?

I just got my financial adivsor/close friend/fraternity brother George Acheampong's monthly e-newsletter and had to share it with you all.  In it, he not only hones in on being financial savvy but also he gives advice to live a more well-rounded life.  I strongly recommend subscribing.  Since today is #FinancialFriday, I will share 3 of … Continue reading Want to Get Out of Debt?