Paying It Forward

Next week, it’s time for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s homecoming! Best time of the year for me every year since 2006. Shoot, it’s so great that we got married around the time of G’s homecoming.

Today, I had lunch with two members of the UNCG family and we discussed giving to the school. Many of my friends who don’t give don’t because they are paying their loans. And yes, you’re paying money back but are you paying opportunities forward?

Were it not for UNCG, I would not be where I am today. I wouldn’t have met my best friends. Secondly, I wouldn’t have been made a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. by way of the Playboi Pi Zeta chapter. And, thirdly, I wouldn’t have received the education I did.

Now, many would say that education is the primary reason for going to a university and I agree. But it’s not the most important thing I took from my university. From it, I took relationships, a spirit to give back, and a better understanding of both business and African-American studies (along with many other subject areas). UNCG made me a more well-rounded and more prepared adult.

That’s why I give back to my institution. Why do you give back to yours? And, if you don’t, you should give something. Every dollar counts.

Make giving back a priority.


Don’t Just Give More. Do Better.

I’m in the field of fundraising and I realize that everyone cannot always give more. It’s just not fiesable. Know why? Because some years are better than others and, in a good year, knowing that my organization is a priority is amazing. But, when someone gives in a bad year, it’s out of sacrifice. That is where true affinity lies; in the bad years. So, though I’m definitely appreciative of those who consistently give at high levels every year, I’m even more appreciative of those who give consistently, rain or shine. That speaks volumes to the impact that the organization either has had on their lives or the impact that the donor believes the organization can have on the future.

Internalize your profession. Feel it. It’ll make you a better _________(fill in the blank with your title).
Make professional development a priority.