Purpose Over Pennies

Remind yourself every day that you cannot abandon your purpose. You are not here to make money for the sole purpose of making money, no matter how much you are offered. You are here to serve people with your gift(s). Money is necessary but money is only a tool, not a goal. I went into … Continue reading Purpose Over Pennies


Really Take Time and Think

Success.  Such a simple word that is unable to be defined.  I can define every other word I have typed thus far in this post with ease for you.  The trick about success is you have to define it for yourself.  If you're a musician, being successful could be represented by the winning of a … Continue reading Really Take Time and Think

New Year, Same You

I know I posted about the New Year yesterday but I didn't leave you all with any tips on how to get to really start the year off right.  So, let me kick this post off by letting you know that I think the "New year, new me," saying is a crock of nonsense.  Every … Continue reading New Year, Same You

New Year, Old You

In the past few days, how many times have you seen "New year, new me" (or some variation of) across the gamut of social media platforms?  I cannot begin to count.  And that's great.  Many people come into a new calendar year ready to turn over a new leaf.  But, when it comes to your … Continue reading New Year, Old You

Making It Through the Final Stretch

Can you believe that 2016 is 30 days from its end?  Regardless of where you are today, the fact that you are still here means that this year was a blessing.  We've all suffered losses, experienced victories, and we're on the last lap.  For many of us, the end of the month comes with some … Continue reading Making It Through the Final Stretch

Getting Back On the Horse

What's going on everyone?  I'm back from my extended honeymoon.  I spent one week in Cancún (it was AMAZING) and then I spent one week traveling at work.  Hopefully I have been missed.  Do not fret! I am back with a message. So, for the past few weeks, life has been hectic.  It seems like … Continue reading Getting Back On the Horse