It’s OK to Want to Quit

I will sacrifice my happiness for those I love more than myself, but at this point in time, I don't have to so why should I?


Defining Your Dreams

There are many roles to be played in life and everyone has been given different talents so they can play the role they were afforded. A lineman isn't going to regularly score the game winning touchdown just like a quarterback isn't regularly going to put his body on the line to make the game winning block.

What Motivates You?

This past weekend, my first cousin, his fiancée, my wife, and I went out for drinks and small plates and talked about life, work, and the opportunities that God was providing us with. It was great because Sean was my big brother when I didn't have any siblings so, looking at where we are now … Continue reading What Motivates You?

Know What You’re Ready For

I know myself. I know where I am in life. I know what I want right now. And I know how much time I want to invest in my career. Right now, I don't want to invest 60+ hours a week in my job. So I wouldn't apply for a position that requires that, no … Continue reading Know What You’re Ready For

Purpose Over Pennies

Remind yourself every day that you cannot abandon your purpose. You are not here to make money for the sole purpose of making money, no matter how much you are offered. You are here to serve people with your gift(s). Money is necessary but money is only a tool, not a goal. I went into … Continue reading Purpose Over Pennies