Chilly Complements: Rules of Cold Weather Headgear

Here are a few rules for winter headgear I found on The Art of Manliness’ website. This site should definitely be a bookmarked page on every gentleman’s desktop and devices. Anyway, check out the rules to keeping your crown warm. Before you pick a style (or several styles — there’s nothing wrong with having a selection of hats in the closet), know what’s going to work for you in different settings and situations. Bright colors like orange and neon green have “safety” associations. They’re worn by the more extreme winter sports participants to make search-and-rescue easier, and in many parts … Continue reading Chilly Complements: Rules of Cold Weather Headgear


If you know me or follow me on any social network, you know I’m very into my outfits. But anyone can put on a shirt and some jeans. My outfits are defined by my accessories and they have been since I was in middle school. Whether sporting a matching headband and wristband (7th grade), a fitted cap and colored shoe laces (8th grade until), or a fedora and a watch w/ a band that matches my shoes, my ability to compliment my clothes with add ons is undeniable. This skill can be developed in both business and casual settings. Find … Continue reading Accessories