Homecoming 2014 – What to Wear?

Welcome to October!  Though autumn officially started a few weeks ago, no one really takes that seriously until October.  September is that weird in-between month that is kind of summer and kind of not.   But there’s no questioning October.  It and November are the quintessential autumnal months.  And one thing that makes October so great is it is the time of most homecomings across the United States. For all of my upperclassmen and recent graduates, homecoming isn’t just a great time to knock back a few beers and watch your school pummel a slightly less than formidable opponent.  It is also a great time to catch up with old friends and network with older alum to see if you can secure that job or internship that can place you on the fast-track to success.

Preppy Look Men | Preppy style for men - PaperblogThin Brown Tweed Blazer, black Sweater Vest, Chambray Shirt, and Cognac Leather Accesories. Men's Fall Winter Street Style Fashion.

 Takes me back to my "days" (day dreams that is) in Korea ;^)Tan jacket, button up shirt, sweater, dark fitted jeans, boots, and a nice city day. Who could ask for more?

All of that being said, you don’t want to only pack a ratty tee shirt with the school’s logo or a frat shirt that could use a dry cleaning (or two).  There definitely is a time and place to wear that, like at the big game to show your school spirit.  But make sure your weekend wardrobe also has a pair of loafers and a nice jack, sweater, or blazer in it.    I don’t know how everyone’s homecomings are set up but at UNCG’s, we have a parade and then a big festival in front of the Elliott University Center (our student union) with a beer garden.  This is the perfect time to throw on your khakis (or even a nice pair of jeans), a collared shirt, blazer, and a pair of shoes.  And nice necktie or bowtie never hurt anyone either.  That way, if you run into a  professor, campus official, or an alumnus who has some pull, you don’t look like you’re on your 18th semester of undergrad.  And, if you are, please stop reading this blog right now.  You need to be reading a book.   With a tutor.  Preferably a tutor who is also your professor and who can be bribed.

Of course, I didn’t post a photograph of what I’m wearing because that would let people know how they can (try) to out do me.  But I did give you some pretty solid examples of outfits that would be a great look for the homecoming season.

And this isn’t just restricted to your college homecoming .  I’d make the same recommendation for those of you heading to your high school homecoming game.  You never know who you might run into and there is no such thing as overdressed unless you decide to wear a tuxedo.  Then you might look like a pompous buffoon.   So I guess there is such a thing as overdressed.  Don’t be that guy.

By the way, I recommend a blazer and pair of loafers on any and every trip you take where there is any chance of you going anywhere outside of a house, hospital (God forbid it is a bad trip), or fast food restaurant.  Just my 3 cents.

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