Do More Than Pray

I’m a believer in prayer. Lord knows I am. But it’s cold outside. Real cold. There are people who are hungry, have no shelter, and are poorly clothed. If you have a coat or jacket that you don’t wear, I challenge you to take it out with you tomorrow and give it to someone. But don’t just give it meaninglessly. Ask them their name. Find out who they are and where they’re from. Maybe buy them a meal. And not a $0.99 cheeseburger (unless that’s what you can afford). Get them something you would eat. Actually, sit and share that meal with them. Remind them that that they are human and that you do see them, no matter how many people may have walked or driven by them that day without even acknowledging their humanity. Never forget that you could be that person one day. I hope you’re not, but go a couple months without a check and, at the same time, lose your support system. It can happen easier than you think.

Let’s not be so busy that all we have time to do is pray. Prayer works. Prayer plus action works faster.


Make doing something a priority.