Understanding Yourself

You’ll never truly understand yourself. Even at your most aware, you will wonder why you do the things you do, knowing that they make little sense. Either you take too many risks or too few. You may love too hard or not enough. You could be too defensive or waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too trusting. Whatever it is, none of us calculate everything perfectly and, at those moments when we try to, we are way too calculated (or, more simply put, weird) in a chill environment.

Life is short and logic is flawed. Every day, work to make the best decisions that you can but don’t beat yourself up when your best seems to fall short. Just make sure you’re not making the worst decisions possible repeatedly. It is at that point which you have a problem.


Make making better decisions a priority.


Take an Honest Inventory

“Take an honest inventory of why you are where  you are at this point in your life.” — Bro. Curtis Cotton, III

When I was becoming a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha nearly a decade ago, my big brother would always tell us to take an honest inventory of why my line brothers and I were there at that point in our lives. And he was not asking why in terms of cause as much as he was asking why in terms of purpose going forward. What are we supposed to be doing with our strengths and how can we offset our weaknesses? I still lean on this concept of taking an honest inventory today and likely will for the rest of my life.

As I look at the first two weeks of 2018, I see some accomplishments:

  • I have exercised at least five times a week.
  • My mile time is falling.
  • I have written a respectable amount of my first book.
  • I have maintained my diet as I said I would.
  • I have invested dollars into my next project, which will be going live in about a month.

But I also see some things I need to work on:

  • I am still not reading a chapter a day like I said I would.
  • I need to work more diligently to hit some of my goal dates.
  • I’m not shooting photographs daily.

Everything that’s going right can go wrong in no time so I can’t grow complacent. But, it’s also not too late to get the things that are going wrong onto the correct track. No plan is going to move along perfectly nor will any plan which begins perfectly remain that way. But, when you take an honest inventory on a regular basis, you can make the tweaks and adjustments that will allow you to reach your goal even if it doesn’t happen in the order or at the speed you thought it would.


Make introspection and adjustment priorities.