I Got The Keys (DMix)

I do not dare speculate on what business will look like 20, 10, or even 3 years from now. But I do know that, with increased access to information, our generation has the potential to be the greatest, most philanthropic generation ever to touch the earth. We just have to embrace the fact that security has died and instead has been replaced by a reward to risk ratio.


I’m From Marcy, Son!

Ok, so the title was a complete lie. I was born in Durham, North Carolina. But this week, I'm a resident of Brooklyn, New York so #TheReader is going to have a bit of a different feel to it. It's going to be about my experiences around the city. Sure, I've been here before but … Continue reading I’m From Marcy, Son!

#TrendingThursday Week 78

Good afternoon.  I hope you are all having an amazing week and that the season of Christmas is blessing your lives.  I just wanted to take some time to share with you all some of the stories that I thought would be pertinant to your professional development.  Read, comment, and share with those around you.  … Continue reading #TrendingThursday Week 78