Do You Really Need Kanye to Validate Me?

Don’t wait for someone else to validate your friend’s work to support him/her. Ask yourself, “If Kanye said my homie’s art was dope, would I start supporting?” If the answer is yes, don’t wait for ‘Ye or Kim or Barack or Cardi or LeBron or Beyoncé or Cole or anyone else to say it. Just support your people the same way you support ‘Ye or Kim or Barack or Cardi or LeBron or Beyoncé or Cole. Go to their shows. Rock their clothes. Hype them up on social media.

And, while money is ALWAYS nice for artists who pour our souls into our art forms, I get it: We don’t all have bread to spend on every little thing (I blame Sally Mae). But you can click a link. You can repost a piece of work or a web address. You can have their new track playing on your Instagram Story while you’re driving up I-95. You can go hard for your homie’s business like it’s yours every now and then. If you wouldn’t buy their stuff regardless of whether ‘Ye liked the work or not, that’s cool. But if (s)he is truly your friend, still repost because art is like food: everyone has different tastes.

In short, stop killing genuine art (and, ultimately, your friends’ livelihoods) with your apathy. It’s not 1984, it’s 2018. Supporting is as easy as tapping a touchscreen once or twice. If you don’t even do the bare minimum to support, don’t expect to get put on when your talented friends make it.

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Make supporting your team a priority.


You Want 100% Every Day? How?

The past two days, I’ve been slacking in my mind (but for good reason). I got back from 12 days straight of working my 8-5 and blogging every week day and my mind was exhausted. Now, I couldn’t take two days off from my job but you know what I could take a break from? This blog. So I did. My mind can only go so hard before shutting down. And the same is true for yours. Give your all when you can but know that, eventually, your all has been depleted and it is at that moment that you need to reprioritize your efforts and re-energize.

In short, always make sure you take some time to recharge. You might work hard six days a week but, on that seventh, take time to enjoy the sun and smile.


Make professional development a priority.

Ultralight Beam Tuesday

Today, I’m on an ultralight beam.  I mean, on a ROLL.  Completed 6 projects that I’ve had writer’s block on for too long.  Structured another project.  Sometimes you just have those days where all barriers are removed and, on those days, you have to do everything you can to take advantage of them.  Let the creativity flow and make something great happen.  You have 8 hours at work.  If the creative juices flow correctly, you can get 40 hours worth of work done in those 8.

Ironically, when I realized that I was on a roll, I was listening to Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam” and figured “That would be a pretty dope name for this post.”  I, personally, define an ultralight beam as having clarity in creative vision.  And that is what today is.


Make professional development a priority.