Be Intent on Knowing

"Life without knowledge is death in disguise." -- Talib Kweli What are you learning? What do you want to know? Are you open to what life brings to the table? "Professional development" is just a fancy way of saying learning. You have to keep learning and because anything that does not grow is dead. Seek … Continue reading Be Intent on Knowing


But It’s Free!

Your boss sends you an email.  Within this email is a webinar that teaches you how to do your job more effectively.  You don't have any pressing deadlines to meet.  But you don't register for the webinar.  Why is that?  It's free education that could lead to you being more effective.  You being more effective … Continue reading But It’s Free!

Leave It All on the Field

When I played football, my coach always said before every game, "Leave it all on the field."  What he meant was do your best and, after it's done, let it be done.  You can't undo what has already come to pass. The same is true for your work day or your semester (depending on what … Continue reading Leave It All on the Field