Loving Yourself and Everyone Else

As Black History Month comes to a close, I want to remind you that, no matter who you are or what your background is, love yourself and don't be afraid of others. Fear leads to hate and hate leads to evil. You can love yourself and your heritage without hating others. When I say "black … Continue reading Loving Yourself and Everyone Else


The World Isn’t Yours

People aren't going to think the way you want them to think because you want them to think that way. Your employees aren't going to learn like you do because you want them to learn that way. Some people love structure. Some people love freedom. The more we learn about human nature, the more we … Continue reading The World Isn’t Yours

Managing ’96 Jordan

Good morning. I have a scenario for you. If you're the General Manager of the 1996 Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan says he wants to be paid a reasonable amount more, you have a decision to make. You could a) Pay the man who is taking your team to the championship, or b) Try to … Continue reading Managing ’96 Jordan

Manage Expectations

One thing I learned at the CASE District III conference is that you really have to manage expectations.  I’m telling you, in 66% of the sessions I went to, they said that higher education professionals have to manage expectations and I agree whole heatedly.  But I’ll take it one step further and say that all … Continue reading Manage Expectations

Let People Do Their Jobs

Managers, you hired John to do jobs x, y, and z, right?  So why is he doing jobs c, b, and a?  I use those letters because they are at completely different ends of the spectrum.  Now, I understand that sometimes, wrenches get thrown in plans and the slack has to be picked up.  But … Continue reading Let People Do Their Jobs

Get to Know Their Strengths

Congrats! You've newly been appointed the supervisor of a team of people. Or you've acquired a new team member. Either way, every person you work with has a set of skills that they bring to the team. But, by introducing someone new to your team (be it a new manager or new employee), more work … Continue reading Get to Know Their Strengths

Healthier Leadership

"You even need to tell your supervisor 'I don't do well with fear.  You need to build an environment of encouragement.  Help me grow.'" -- Arlee Griffith, Jr. This past Sunday, one of my pastors talked about fear.  He briefly touched on leading with fear and how that has no place in a healthy relationship … Continue reading Healthier Leadership