Don’t Sell Your Joy!

Don't let one day pass and feel that it was wasted. Keep your joy. Protect your mental health.


#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 8

This #TrendingThursday, we have tips for e-mail and tips from Einstein.

#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 2

How often do you take a day not to vacation but to really just enjoy it? Weekends are weekends. They’re for enjoying. But when do you step away, meditate, and really focus on bettering yourself? We all need them and we shouldn’t be ashamed to take them, nor bullied when we do.

Maintenance in Movember

This past Friday, I posted about Movember and its importance. Well today I want to address the reason so many men do not participate in the symbolic month: It takes away from their clean cut appearance. We are at a point in American corporate history in which it is more acceptable to don a full … Continue reading Maintenance in Movember

What is Movember All About?

Guys! What's going on? We're not shaving this month right? It's cool, right? But why aren't we shaving? Not because it's cool. Actually, we're not shaving because we're trying to raise awareness. The same way that we wore pink or purple last month to raise awareness surrounding breast cancer or domestic violence, respectively. So what's … Continue reading What is Movember All About?