Should You Get the Unicorn?

I'm going to preface this by saying that my taste buds and yours are not the same so I'm not saying don't go get the Unicorn. I'm saying that it is overrated. I'm not big in anything too sweet and, contrary to reports that it was super sweet, as someone sensitive to that, it wasn't. … Continue reading Should You Get the Unicorn?


Millennials Know We Need to Work

This day and age, leaders (especially those leading people outside their own generation) are often questioned. And, speaking for many millennials (which I hate to do but feel must be done), work-life balance in an industry that can be done outside of the office is becoming nonnegotiable. If expected to be connected at all times … Continue reading Millennials Know We Need to Work

The World Isn’t Yours

People aren't going to think the way you want them to think because you want them to think that way. Your employees aren't going to learn like you do because you want them to learn that way. Some people love structure. Some people love freedom. The more we learn about human nature, the more we … Continue reading The World Isn’t Yours

There’s A Shift In Workplace Culture… And That’s Alright

Considering decades passed, with the exception of those born with a silver spoon, position in corporate America (when looked at from an equitable point of view) has always been based on time invested in a given field. You found a job, you learned the ins and outs of it over years, gaining experiences and innovating when … Continue reading There’s A Shift In Workplace Culture… And That’s Alright

Keep First Things First

Millennials, I don't mean to bring up anything that will upset you but, as we are getting older, so are our parents. Health and life insurance are things we must think about. Sadly, 5 years ago this month, I buried my father. My mother, though aging, isn't in any foreseeable danger but still, life happens. The … Continue reading Keep First Things First

I’ll Have Wisdom With a Side of Humility

Guys, we are the generation that has every single piece of recorded data at our fingertips. Our know it all disposition was unavoidable. But we have to reprogram our thinking folks. We have to humble ourselves. Our elders, the ones who have been through the ringer quite a few times, though they may not have as … Continue reading I’ll Have Wisdom With a Side of Humility