Character Over Everything

I don't care what you have or what social circles you frequent. The number of square feet in your home do not matter, nor do the businesses you own. Hitler owned Maybachs. Hillary knew Donald long before either of the two knew they'd run for president. Slave owners had some of the largest homes in … Continue reading Character Over Everything



"Higher position just amplifies character, it doesn't change it." -- Pastor (soon to be Dr.) Byron L. Benton More often than not, we speak of character as if it is a good thing. And it certainly can be but there are also people with bad character. That being said, elevated positions will bring out what … Continue reading Elevations

As Simple As Right and Wrong

If you read my blog regularly, you see that I have recently taken a stance on what some people would consider political issues. But I do not consider issues of morality to be political in nature. Politics should not play a role in equity. And I believe that one’s professional growth and development rely heavily … Continue reading As Simple As Right and Wrong

The Wall

Moral compromise.  Internal conflict.  Selling your soul. Each of the above have "wrong" written all over them.  And each of them are things we've all done.  Everyone reading this post and not reading it has moved the line that represents how far they will go and, more often than not, we move it in the … Continue reading The Wall