The (Real) Reason You Have Opportunity

I shouldn't be better off simply because I was born to certain parents in a certain state in a certain country. And, if I am better off because of that alone, then I have a responsibility to help make my fellow (wo)man better.


The Virtuous Woman in a World of Vixens

You don’t have to do things that go against your morals to get ahead in the world. You don’t have to sleep or cheat or lie or steal your way to the top. Don’t miss the scenic route by letting something superficial quickly take you where your mind could’ve taken you.

Character Over Everything

I don't care what you have or what social circles you frequent. The number of square feet in your home do not matter, nor do the businesses you own. Hitler owned Maybachs. Hillary knew Donald long before either of the two knew they'd run for president. Slave owners had some of the largest homes in … Continue reading Character Over Everything

Where There’s a Will

Where there's a will, there's a way.  I am a major believer in that saying.  In this day and age, if you want something badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen.  Will it be easy?  No.  Will it be worth it?  I believe so. Upon graduation, my major didn't reflect my … Continue reading Where There’s a Will