Maintaining Relationships

This past weekend, I had nothing to do and no one to hang out with (Desirée and her sorority sisters took a road trip), so I left work on Friday and hit the road for Charlotte. On my way there, I was posting periodically to my Instagram story and one of my friends of almost … Continue reading Maintaining Relationships


Giving Back in the Right Places

At 6:15 AM yesterday, I walked out of my home an hour and a half before I usually do. Why? Because I had agreed to volunteer on the Bull City Breakfast for Scouting's committee. Why? Two reasons. First, there are children who need assistance paying for programs like this and I believe that the dollars raised … Continue reading Giving Back in the Right Places

Keep Keeping On

This morning, I was able to provide LinkedIn with some constructive feedback for the beta version of their new site. About twice a month since early July, I've been working with LinkedIn's site development team to make sure that the newest version is on par with what professionals, both young and seasoned, are looking for … Continue reading Keep Keeping On

Be Ready to Lead

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to represent my institution, Duke School, at the Durham Chamber of Commerce's executive luncheon which was hosted by the local ABC news channel, ABC11 WTVD. I had an awesome time meeting some great leaders from around the area and discussing the impact that WTVD has on the Piedmont. After the … Continue reading Be Ready to Lead

As I Close This Chapter

My two-week vacation officially ends today and tomorrow's post will speak on returning to the office after a lengthy (1 week or more) holiday (as the British call it). Today, I announce to the world (or those of it who care) that I am leaving my current position as Assistant Director of Annual Giving within … Continue reading As I Close This Chapter

Business Travel 310

I think this is my final travel post until I leave town for work again at the beginning of next week. As you’ve seen in the past 4 posts, I was in Tennessee for 5 days. Kind of hard to prepare for 5 days of travel when you know you’ll be working and trying to … Continue reading Business Travel 310