Once In a Lifetime OPERAtunity

Opera Carolina’s “Opera Recycles” presentation was not only one of artistic excellence; it was a call to environmental action. That is certainly a melody that I will dance to. Continue reading Once In a Lifetime OPERAtunity


You’re Never Really Ready

This past weekend, I was given press credentials to photograph a runway and red carpet at New York Fashion Week and it was an exhilarating experience. But it was also nerve-racking. Continue reading You’re Never Really Ready

The Corporate Sauce

You need someone who knows what you do for a living, what you’re looking to do in the future, who can make your hair look like it’s a part of your personality, and still make you look great for a night on the town. Your grooming professional should be your friend who you just happen to pay (and tip well) to make you look awesome. Someone who, if you’re looking for it, can hook you up with the corporate sauce. Continue reading The Corporate Sauce

Give My Regards to Broadway

I’m back, live from the G train. I’m going to see Motown on Broadway. As many times as I have been up to NYC, I had never been to a show. This time though, I was blessed with a pair of free tickets so how could I not go? But then I wondered “What should I wear? I want to be fashionable but not formal.” Finally, I settled on the cool casual outfit you see above. I’m well-dressed enough to go to a nicer restaurant but casual enough to hit bar this evening when I head back to Brooklyn. I … Continue reading Give My Regards to Broadway

I’m From Marcy, Son!

Ok, so the title was a complete lie. I was born in Durham, North Carolina. But this week, I’m a resident of Brooklyn, New York so #TheReader is going to have a bit of a different feel to it. It’s going to be about my experiences around the city. Sure, I’ve been here before but now I’m out of college, I’m not up here with my ex-girlfriend, and there is nothing keeping me from just going out and doing anything. But anyway, back to Marcy. If you’re a fan of Jay-Z, you know he was raised in the housing projects … Continue reading I’m From Marcy, Son!