What Are You Reading? Pt. 2

A couple weeks back, I wrote an article titled “What Are You Reading?”  If you didn’t catch it, now would be the perfect time to click the link (It’s ok.  Click it now and then click the back button to come back to this one).

So, you’ve got a few good book suggestions but allow me to be the first to tell you that, if all you’re reading are books about your field, you need to get a life.  Do you ever talk to people outside of your own field?  Thought so.  And do you want to be known as the person who only has a one track mind?  Didn’t think so.  It is much better to be known as the guy who can suggest a great whiskey at an office social or the lady who knows what color is going to be in this spring when fashion is being discussed at dinner.  And how do you find these things out?  Well, because most of us aren’t born with a taste for whiskey or a sense of Spring 2015 fashion, newspapers and magazines are great sources of general knowledge.


So what periodicals do I read regularly and recommend?

News: Time Magazine has been around for the better part of a century and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon.  Even though print journalism has faded to the background, Time has evolved and, today, is still a leader in weekly news.  And you cannot mention news without reading the New York Times.  Anytime I get an opportunity to, I read at least the front page and check out a couple articles they tweet.

Business: Forbes will always put out the most relevant business news.  Anyone who is serious about growing as a professional needs to use Forbes to strengthen his/her business acumen.  In addition, the Wall Street Journal is a must follow on Twitter (Yes, Twitter is still very relevant if you plan to keep up w/ great online reading).  If the economy affects you at all, you need to be keeping an eye on the WSJ.  And if not, please let me know what you’re doing because we need to hang out more.

Men’s Issues: Valet Magazine is an online magazine.  I honestly do not remember how I came across it but it reminds me of a newer, fresher GQ or Men’s Health, both which I still read as they will forever be staples in a man’s magazine rack.  Articles in all of these magazines will help with your well-roundedness.  From knowing what drinks to order to knowing how to put a great outfit together for any occassion, I look to one of these three for inspiration.  Sidenote: Valet has an awesome app that you should definitely download.  Just search the App Store for Valet Magazine.  Like The Reader, Valet comes out with great content five days a week.

Up and Coming: Infinite Magazine is a new magazine that focuses on creative young people who are stepping out on their own to write their own stories.  With both an online and a print presence, you won’t go two days without getting great reads and images from experts in fields ranging from fashion to music.


Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone

“Smartphones, dumb (stuff).”

IMG_2210-0That’s the edited version of the last line of a chorus on R&B artist Trey Songz’s most recent album.  And, where it has nothing to do with professional development, I see plenty of people who use their smartphones for so so soooo many pointless things.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  I have a few games on here that won’t help me develop myself professionally but, dagnabit, they’re fun!  But there are many more applications on my phone that help with my productivity and knowledge of my craft.  I’m not saying you need all of the apps I have but there are definitely a few that can help everyone’s productivity and adding an overall air of a seamless technological experience.  So here are a few apps I use daily that you should check out and see if they fit into your lifestyle.

Holy Bible by LifeChurch.tv – This app starts my day off.  Before I even wake up most days, I get a reminder to read.  It starts me on the right path.  Also, there are some great reading plans if you’re looking to further your understanding of the Word.

Tempo by Tempo Al – This is my personal choice for calendar applications.  It allows me to speak an appointment as I please (Work tomorrow at Nordstrom from 11-7) and properly inputs the event.  Also, if I’m meeting w/ someone, it pulls their contact info from my address book and email account so I can look at what we’ve discussed recently.  These are just a couple of the features I love but I recommend you play around with it.

Dropbox by Dropbox – The first cloud application I was exposed to and, therefore the one that stuck.  Really, you can choose any cloud app as long as it’s accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Evernote by Evernote – This is actually the app I’m using to write this post.  I began typing it on a laptop and needed to finish via phone so here I am.  It’s a cloud that you can use as a word processer, photo album, or for voice recordings.  And it utilizes a cloud (obviously) so I can access my notes anywhere in the world.

Buffer by Buffer, Inc. – Usually, if you see me tweeting throughout the day and I’m at work, I’m not actually live tweeting.  Instead, I use an application called Buffer that allows me to post to my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles at specified intervals throughout the day.  Sometimes I’m posting a quote.  Other times I’m posting the link to a blog post or magazine article I’ve written.  But every single Buffer post is done with the goal of measurable returns.

Gorilla Workout by Heckr, LLC – Do you need a good workout but haven’t got a gym membership?  Check out this app.  It has daily workouts for anyone in any physical condition.  And most you can do at home, in your neighborhood fitness center, or on a playground.  The hardest thing is just to get started.

Acorns by Acorns – Our grandparents had a great savings plan way back in the day.  That plan was to, at the end of the day, dump their coins in a bucket/jar and save them for a rainy day.  But, with the growing popularity of debit cards, cash is not used as much, thus making the change jar a thing of the past.  That’s where this application comes in.  Acorns takes the lose change from every debit transaction and puts it into a savings account.  The money is then invested and, if you leave it there to grow, you will begin to see a return on your investment.

Flipboard by Flipboard, Inc. – It’s 2015.  We don’t have time to thumb through newspapers or even really keep up with all the news sources on television/the web.  So how can we filter out which stories are important?  Well Flipboard begins to help with that.  Flipboard allows you to choose the categories that matter most to you and read their updates.  Kind of like a more focused, more in-depth Twitter.

These are just a few of the many apps I use regularly.  Keep checking in for more suggestions from week to week.


How many times do you see an article on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook that you want to read but don’t have the time to right then? For me it probably happens two to three times daily. So my favorites on Twitter fill up to the point that I can never sort back through and read every one of them.

The other day, I was made aware of an app called Pocket that allows you to save and organize links so that, down the line when you’re looking for a specific article you wanted to read before, you can type in words that show up in the title and *TADA* up pops the article. I thought it would be perfect and I was right. I’m still favoriting tweets out of habit but I’m doing so less frequently because now I remember I have an effective way of managing things I want to read by simply copying and pasting a link. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.