Pick Your Battles

Your pride is important. But know when you need to put it to the side and when you need to say "This is something I won't budge on." You cannot not budge on everything and everything cannot go your way. That is juvenile.


Watch What You Say

... and who you say it to. You're in the office every day.  You develop opinions about your coworkers.   Cool.  That's human.  "John is a smart guy but he's not the most motivated."  "Linda is articulate but she likes the sound of her own voice."  Those observations are fine to make but try your … Continue reading Watch What You Say

Policies Are In Place For A Reason

Folks, if someone at work pulls a policy on you and you have violated it, make it right if you can.  Most people won't take you to court.  But, if the violation of the policy is egregious enough (or if the employee is grossly underpaid), the likelihood that you will be sued goes up exponentially. … Continue reading Policies Are In Place For A Reason

The Unremovable Stain

In an organization/company, favoritism bleeds through like a permanent marker on wide-ruled notebook paper from the Dollar Tree. I'm not saying don't be compassionate as a leader.  I actually advise that you are.  But be compassionate across the board. I'm not saying be compassionate as a leader.  I don't advise that you lack compassion.  But … Continue reading The Unremovable Stain

How’s It Goin’ Down?

"What types of games are being played?  How's it going down?" -- DMX X is one of my favorite rappers.  Those are lines from his classic song "How's It Goin' Down?".  On his most recent album, Drake "borrows" those lyrics for the song "U With Me." The song has nothing to do with professional development. … Continue reading How’s It Goin’ Down?

Stop Assuming They Care

"Look scrapper, I got nephews to look after... Y'all don't know my expenses.  I gotta buy bigger plates."  -- Shawn "Jay Z" Carter How many times have you had someone come around your office building taking up money for this and that?  And, when you say you don't have any cash on hand, they automatically … Continue reading Stop Assuming They Care

People Notice

Over the past couple weeks, I've been in and out of the faculty break rooms at work and, though I rarely eat there (mainly because I prefer to be in the gym during lunch and eat at my desk afterward), the times that I do stumble in to fill up my water bottle, I hear … Continue reading People Notice