I’m Your Pusher

People of all races, we must change the narratives surrounding non-whites in America. All blacks are not here to either rob or entertain you. All Jewish people aren't here to be your lawyers or manage your money. All Latinos aren't here illegally and looking for migrant work. All Middle Easterners aren't looking for an opportunity to commit acts of violence. This is the point in history where we have the most access to the most information but we are regressing as a society.


Looking Through Someone Else’s Lens

On Becoming a Mind Reader How aware are you of how people perceive you? Do you care? You should, at least when it comes to within a workplace environment. Coming off as indifferent, arrogant, or antisocial can adversely affect your relationship with members of your team. But how do you know how you are perceived? … Continue reading Looking Through Someone Else’s Lens

How Will This Be Interpreted?

People are going to think what they want when they want.  It's inevitable.  But you have some control over how much of a spin can be put on a story. Do the decisions you make while in a position of leadership appear to have your own interests at the center?  Can you speak to your … Continue reading How Will This Be Interpreted?

People Notice

Over the past couple weeks, I've been in and out of the faculty break rooms at work and, though I rarely eat there (mainly because I prefer to be in the gym during lunch and eat at my desk afterward), the times that I do stumble in to fill up my water bottle, I hear … Continue reading People Notice