Investing In Me

I couldn't do it all myself. I couldn't keep tossing pennies into a wishing well and hoping that some magical genie would appear with a stack of opportunities. I had to put my money where my mouth was and pay someone who had the resources I don't have to get me where I needed to … Continue reading Investing In Me


The Necessity of #InstagramStories

Yes, Instagram did take Snapchat's idea. I posted about it on Friday. That's old news. And, really, it's none of our business. Sure, it sucks for Snapchat but how can you, as a business/brand, leverage this to your benefit? I'll tell you, my personal Instagram is going to be pretty story-less. I dig Snapchat because I … Continue reading The Necessity of #InstagramStories

A Bit of Polish Goes A Long Way

I was born into a generation where folks believe that what you see is what you get.  I'm here to refute that.  Stop being OK with mistakes.  Yes, they happen but, if you can fix them, do it. I was looking at an acquaintance's social media account the other day.  The person wrote something along the … Continue reading A Bit of Polish Goes A Long Way

Protecting Your Online Reputation

I used to post an infographic a week on average.  Of course, I posted them because they were relevant but, being that content creation is the sign of a true blogger, I'd fallen back from that.  Once in a blue moon though, you run across something that you have to share.  This infographic from Mashable … Continue reading Protecting Your Online Reputation

Stop Hiding

So many people I know who are trying to be entrepreneurs/consultants and/or build their brands refuse to make themselves accessible via social media and, in this day and age, I just cannot understand why.  How, in a day and age when almost everything is accessible via the world wide web, are you not?  You cannot … Continue reading Stop Hiding

Why I’m Not Connecting With You

I don't subscribe to Sports Illustrated For Kids.  Know why?  Because, though it was appealing to me at one point in my life, it no longer is.  That is the same reason I'm not connecting with some of you "professionals" on LinkedIn.  In 2015, if you don't have a picture of yourself on your LinkedIn, … Continue reading Why I’m Not Connecting With You

Developing a Multi-Dimensional Brand

This weekend, I had a GREAT weekend.  But I was seen in rare form.  A form that has been seen only a few times since college.  I was out, had drinks, and enjoyed my bachelor party.  I was on social media under the hashtag #D3sLastHurrah.  Does that clash with my professional brand?  Well, not really.  See, … Continue reading Developing a Multi-Dimensional Brand