More Than Beautiful

...but beautiful, nonetheless.


Thanks for Rooting for Us, Issa

Issa, thanks for rooting for all of us, whether we're hip, odd, athletic, academic, or, the most likely scenario, all of the above. We'll make sure we keep pushing toward our own mark of black excellence.

#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 11

Whether you're trying to be more productive in the office or take off and travel the world in the most creative fashion possible, this week's trending articles have something for you (or at least someone you know).

What Do They See?

Make sure you're presenting yourself in the most intentional manner possible, while paying attention to whether or not your look aligns with what your target market is looking for. And, if you're having a tough time doing that, reach out to me or someone else who takes their brand seriously. I'm definitely here as a resource.

Did You Ever Think?

Living is pretty cool like that. It forces you to put things in perspective, see where you've come from, where you are, and realize that, though life has its ebbs and flows, it could always be worse and it will always get better.

The Long Weekend

Just came off a long weekend. While I wanted to take it to travel, I stuck around. And you know what I realize? You can have an adventure in your own area, especially if you live near a major/mid-sized metropolitan area. So, what do I suggest you do with your day off? 1 - Go … Continue reading The Long Weekend

The Necessity of a Hobby

A young professional needs a hobby. I spend all my time with a camera in hand. I’ve taken a liking to photography since my wife and I purchased one for our anniversary. She loves sewing. Over break, I made a point to shoot every day and even went to learn some new techniques with professional creative … Continue reading The Necessity of a Hobby