The Long Weekend

Just came off a long weekend. While I wanted to take it to travel, I stuck around. And you know what I realize? You can have an adventure in your own area, especially if you live near a major/mid-sized metropolitan area. So, what do I suggest you do with your day off? 1 - Go … Continue reading The Long Weekend


The Necessity of a Hobby

A young professional needs a hobby. I spend all my time with a camera in hand. I’ve taken a liking to photography since my wife and I purchased one for our anniversary. She loves sewing. Over break, I made a point to shoot every day and even went to learn some new techniques with professional creative … Continue reading The Necessity of a Hobby

Be Open

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to serve as the official photographer for my first major event. Mind you, I don't claim to be a photographer. I own a camera. For my birthday, my wife got me (us) an additional lens. I'm very much a novice. But I've taken a liking to the hobby … Continue reading Be Open

Timing It Right

Last night, while I was getting some work done that I hadn't had a chance to wrap up during the day, one of my friends from college texted me asking if I'd had a chance to see the moon. I had totally forgotten that the moon was supposed to be spectacularly close to the earth … Continue reading Timing It Right

This is NOT What LinkedIn is For.

Right this moment, I'm at work. I decide to sign on LinkedIn b/c I have to learn more about an alumnus who is interested in donating to the School of Law. And this is what I see on my timeline as a result of a like from one of my connections: Thankfully the director of … Continue reading This is NOT What LinkedIn is For.