I’m Your Pusher

People of all races, we must change the narratives surrounding non-whites in America. All blacks are not here to either rob or entertain you. All Jewish people aren't here to be your lawyers or manage your money. All Latinos aren't here illegally and looking for migrant work. All Middle Easterners aren't looking for an opportunity to commit acts of violence. This is the point in history where we have the most access to the most information but we are regressing as a society.



"Higher position just amplifies character, it doesn't change it." -- Pastor (soon to be Dr.) Byron L. Benton More often than not, we speak of character as if it is a good thing. And it certainly can be but there are also people with bad character. That being said, elevated positions will bring out what … Continue reading Elevations

Love Yourz

"There's beauty in the struggle." -- J. Cole No one wants struggle. No one wants pain. No one wants to lose people, either to the circumstances of life or to the inevitability of death. But know that there is purpose in the pain. Today, as I sat and met with the Vice President of the … Continue reading Love Yourz

Productive or Busy?

Yesterday, I checked in with my brother Donald R. Gaddy II to see how his week was starting off. After telling me his was going well, he asked how mine is and I responded "Busy but good." He told me to knock the word busy out of my vocabulary and that I am being productive. … Continue reading Productive or Busy?

Redefine “Case of the Mondays”

We're back!  It's Monday!  Another start to another great week! Everything might not go perfectly but today plays a major role in how things pan out this week.  It's not 10 AM yet so make sure you take time to pray or meditate, get some breakfast in your stomach, drink plenty of water, read something … Continue reading Redefine “Case of the Mondays”