Be Intent on Knowing

"Life without knowledge is death in disguise." -- Talib Kweli What are you learning? What do you want to know? Are you open to what life brings to the table? "Professional development" is just a fancy way of saying learning. You have to keep learning and because anything that does not grow is dead. Seek … Continue reading Be Intent on Knowing


The Art of Ignoring Someone

Have you ever had anyone at work say anything to you that was so absurdly inappropriate that, if you replied what you were actually thinking, you would lose your job?  No?  Ok.  Me neither. But, if you have, you really have to start working on ignoring people.  I have found that, when you ignore someone … Continue reading The Art of Ignoring Someone

Are You Leading or Bossing?

You all aren't dumb.  There is a difference between a manager/boss and a leader.  A leader puts in the effort.  A boss tells you to put in the effort while they kick their feet up.  As a leader, you should never ask your staff to do something that you could do as easily with Siri … Continue reading Are You Leading or Bossing?

How A Position Of Power Can Change Your Voice

by Nell Greenfieldboyce Most radio reporters, I think it's fair to say, think about their voices a lot, and work to sound powerful and authoritative. I know my voice has changed since my very first radio story 10 years ago: Compare that with how I sound these days: That's why I was intrigued by a … Continue reading How A Position Of Power Can Change Your Voice

Top 10 Battery Tips for Your Smartphone or Tablet

I've been a Verizon Wireless customer since 2008 and, therefore, I follow them on twitter at @VZWSupport.  Yesterday, they tweeted the link to this blog post of theirs that relates to how to help save your battery life.  Almost everyone I know has battery issues and, even though I have posted on the topic before, … Continue reading Top 10 Battery Tips for Your Smartphone or Tablet