Be Intent on Knowing

"Life without knowledge is death in disguise." -- Talib Kweli What are you learning? What do you want to know? Are you open to what life brings to the table? "Professional development" is just a fancy way of saying learning. You have to keep learning and because anything that does not grow is dead. Seek … Continue reading Be Intent on Knowing


The Name of the Game

Consistency. That's the name of the game. Welcome to 2017. No one knows me for being a blogger exactly. My brand doesn't rely on the fact that I have a professional development blog. There are millions of "bloggers" across the world. But I can't think of many who are daily bloggers. Consistency is what keeps … Continue reading The Name of the Game

Keep Keeping On

This morning, I was able to provide LinkedIn with some constructive feedback for the beta version of their new site. About twice a month since early July, I've been working with LinkedIn's site development team to make sure that the newest version is on par with what professionals, both young and seasoned, are looking for … Continue reading Keep Keeping On

What You Won’t Do Is…

What you won't do is maintain an incredible physique without eating right and working out. You won't keep an exemplary marriage without communication and compromise (quick shoutout to my gorgeous bride on my 1,0v3 post). And you won't have a thriving career without consistency and ideas. Consistency has accomplished much more than an idea ever will. … Continue reading What You Won’t Do Is…

Your Team Needs Resources

I've recently started a new role in which I've been afforded more resources than I've ever previously had. I have the money needed to learn, try, (hopefully not) fail, and do it all again. I'm able to go to conferences and buy books that will help me be better at what I do. I can … Continue reading Your Team Needs Resources

For Where Your Treasure Is…

When is the last time you spent some money on your own growth, spiritually-, physically-, or professionally-speaking? We are often quick to spend money on our happiness but what about our development? $50/month for cable service. $40 for internet. $10/week at the movie theater. It's important to be happy but how long do you think … Continue reading For Where Your Treasure Is…

I’m Starting a New Habit

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (my personal accounts, not the @DanDailyReader accounts which I hope you're following anyway), you'll know that I was in Chicago last week.  My personal handles on both are simple: @DeryleDanielsJr.  Anyway, while in Chicago, my fraternity brother, financial advisor, and close friend, George Acheampong, was in town … Continue reading I’m Starting a New Habit