Is What You’re Doing Life Saving Work?

We all have been blessed with the gift of kindness. Find ways to show love in your profession and you will save more lives than you will ever know. Any person can be a hero. Spreading happiness is a super power.


Purpose Over Pennies

Remind yourself every day that you cannot abandon your purpose. You are not here to make money for the sole purpose of making money, no matter how much you are offered. You are here to serve people with your gift(s). Money is necessary but money is only a tool, not a goal. I went into … Continue reading Purpose Over Pennies

A Bit of Polish Goes A Long Way

I was born into a generation where folks believe that what you see is what you get.  I'm here to refute that.  Stop being OK with mistakes.  Yes, they happen but, if you can fix them, do it. I was looking at an acquaintance's social media account the other day.  The person wrote something along the … Continue reading A Bit of Polish Goes A Long Way

Job vs. Career vs. Calling

Good morning!  I'm sitting here at work and I thought I'd hit you all with some inspiration.  Every Monday used to be #MotivationalMonday on The Reader but I got tired of restricting myself to just one day of motivating.  So, I do it now whenever I feel that it is necessary.  Well, today is one of … Continue reading Job vs. Career vs. Calling

Daily Purpose

"The only thing worse than death is a regret-filled coffin." Jermaine Cole I don't believe in the YOLO (You only live once) philosophy as some use it to excuse reckless behavior. But I do believe that dying with regrets because you did not give your all everyday is one of the worst ways to go. … Continue reading Daily Purpose