Took a Look In the Mirror, Said “What’s Up?”

More hasn't been placed on you than you can handle. The problem is in the underestimating of yourself.



And, for those who say you can't oppose America and be a "good Christian" (because supporting slavery was such a Christ-like thing for the American people to do), I'm going to pray while I withhold my dollars, defend my family, or openly challenge the government. James 2:14-26.

I’m Your Pusher

People of all races, we must change the narratives surrounding non-whites in America. All blacks are not here to either rob or entertain you. All Jewish people aren't here to be your lawyers or manage your money. All Latinos aren't here illegally and looking for migrant work. All Middle Easterners aren't looking for an opportunity to commit acts of violence. This is the point in history where we have the most access to the most information but we are regressing as a society.

Loving Yourself and Everyone Else

As Black History Month comes to a close, I want to remind you that, no matter who you are or what your background is, love yourself and don't be afraid of others. Fear leads to hate and hate leads to evil. You can love yourself and your heritage without hating others. When I say "black … Continue reading Loving Yourself and Everyone Else

One Time For the First

"My president is black." -- Young Jeezy I still remember exactly where I was and who I was with when I found out that President Barack Obama would be the United States of America's forty-fourth president. Do I agree with everything President Barack Obama did? No way. I'm not brainwashed. But this man was the … Continue reading One Time For the First


"Every day, I'm hustlin'." -- Rick Ross This year, I'm all about grinding every day. Even your day of rest is about recharging so that you can grind harder the other six days. Do I need money? Of course. Is my grind about money? No. Do I want to be the best at what I … Continue reading Hustlin’

Why I Love What I Do

I fundraise. I fundraise for a relatively small PS-8 independent school. I fundraise for a relatively small PS-8 independent school that is in one of the most educated metropolitan areas in the nation per capita. Yet, when I look at the school, I see that it is only 30% "diverse" (minority). I don't know the … Continue reading Why I Love What I Do