Pick Your Battles

Your pride is important. But know when you need to put it to the side and when you need to say "This is something I won't budge on." You cannot not budge on everything and everything cannot go your way. That is juvenile.


Maintaining Relationships

This past weekend, I had nothing to do and no one to hang out with (Desirée and her sorority sisters took a road trip), so I left work on Friday and hit the road for Charlotte. On my way there, I was posting periodically to my Instagram story and one of my friends of almost … Continue reading Maintaining Relationships

What You Won’t Do Is…

What you won't do is maintain an incredible physique without eating right and working out. You won't keep an exemplary marriage without communication and compromise (quick shoutout to my gorgeous bride on my 1,0v3 post). And you won't have a thriving career without consistency and ideas. Consistency has accomplished much more than an idea ever will. … Continue reading What You Won’t Do Is…

How’s It Goin’ Down?

"What types of games are being played?  How's it going down?" -- DMX X is one of my favorite rappers.  Those are lines from his classic song "How's It Goin' Down?".  On his most recent album, Drake "borrows" those lyrics for the song "U With Me." The song has nothing to do with professional development. … Continue reading How’s It Goin’ Down?

A Bit of Dating Advice for the YP

Who am I to give dating advice?  I'm someone with common sense.  And I realize that, as a young professional, you're going to want exciting romantic escapades.  But this doesn't have to be done at the expense of lying.  When I was younger, we would line the ladies to death.  I mean, I had a … Continue reading A Bit of Dating Advice for the YP

The Toxicity of Negativity

When I realize that someone or something is toxic, I don't want to be around it or them.  I mean, there are some people and places that are just plain negative.  And it is toxic, meaning it quickly seeps into your personality if you are around it long enough.  Have you ever met anyone born … Continue reading The Toxicity of Negativity

Get to Know Their Strengths

Congrats! You've newly been appointed the supervisor of a team of people. Or you've acquired a new team member. Either way, every person you work with has a set of skills that they bring to the team. But, by introducing someone new to your team (be it a new manager or new employee), more work … Continue reading Get to Know Their Strengths