It’s Been Real

Well, folks. It’s been real. I’m done writing in the Daniels Daily Reader… for the rest of 2017.

Fear not. I will be back with great content (and maybe a new design if I feel so inclined) during the first week of 2018. I need to take an extended break and really put a dent in this book that I’ve been “writing” for over a year now, along with a few other projects that I want to put together. Plus, I just need to develop a new strategy for this blog and where I see it going in years to come. Will it keep being daily? Will I bring on more guest writers? Will Batman and Robin make it out of the Batmobile as it sinks slowly to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? Find out next time on The Daniels Daily Reader. (Sorry. I think my thirties will be my most eccentric decade thus far.)

Thanks to all of you readers for being an instrumental part of my first 30 years. And, don’t stop thumbing through the archives of the site. There’s a ton of great stuff that can be found on my search bar. Plus, I’ll still be posting to @DanDailyReader on Instagram throughout the week, so make sure you’re following.

Make taking time to refocus a priority.


Switch It Up

On Tuesday, I was leisurely strolling around Target and I came across the bike section of the sports department. For a couple months, I’ve been saying I’d get a bike but I just didn’t want to commit because I couldn’t get the folding bike that I wanted at the price point I wanted it at. Finally, I said to myself, “Deryle, you want a folding bike so you can take it around the world with you but are you really going to want to bike everywhere you travel?” And then, I thought some more and realized that, if I really want to bike in a certain country, there will most likely be places that I can rent a road or mountain bike. Long story short, I realized I didn’t need a folding bike, just one that I could take on road trips or use for exercise or to ride to work a day or two a week. Now I am the proud owner of this Schwinn Solara. I’m in the process of ordering all the accessories that I need for it (car mount, helmet, handlebar mirror, etc.) because, as all our parents used to say, safety does come first.

Though I love running and it is cathartic, the past few weeks, I’ve been doing ten miles each week (seven or eight on concrete) and I cannot see my joints taking that kind of beating well for very long. Sure, a half marathon every now and then will work but I needed an alternative form of cardio and I absolutely hate running or biking distances of over two miles while indoors. So, this was the alternative. Run three days a week, bike three days a week, and lift on the bike days.

I’m not working out to get bigger or even to be super cut. I just want to live long, avoid health complications that will cause me and my family pain, to look good at the beach, and to let off steam. But switching up the way in which I accomplish that was necessary to my ability to succeed in those goals.

Ok. Let me knock out this work and then go on my lunch time bike ride. I think I’m going to like this.


Make your health a priority.

The Long Weekend

Just came off a long weekend. While I wanted to take it to travel, I stuck around. And you know what I realize? You can have an adventure in your own area, especially if you live near a major/mid-sized metropolitan area. So, what do I suggest you do with your day off?

1 – Go to the park. I went to Pullen Park, one of Raleigh’s most notable public parks. It’s a great family place and, for me, it’s a pretty neat place to take photographs. From the children’s train that runs around the perimeter of the park to the pond at the center, I was able to capture some pretty great shots. And, even if photography isn’t your thing, the landscaping was beautifully done and people were having fun. It’s not Disney World but it’s a pretty happy place to be.

2 – Have lunch somewhere new/with a friend. I ended up at Setti, a Lebanese restaurant off Wilmington Street in downtown Raleigh, where I met a good friend for lunch. We chatted about stuff we don’t always have time to discuss during church service on Sundays and enjoyed some pretty great food.

3 – Go to a museum. I went to the North Carolina Museum of Art after lunch. It was on my way back from Raleigh and though I’d been before, since I had nothing to do, I said I’d stop. But I had no idea there was an outdoor component to the museum. The additional exhibits were pretty neat. I’ll be back when the weather is nicer though because the chill kept me from exploring the entire property.

4 – Have a drink. Once I arrived back in Durham, it was around 4PM and I had been wanting to check out this pretty swanky looking bar downtown called Alley 26, so I did. I went, ordered their proprietary drink, the Alley Cocktail and enjoyed the experience of being in a bar that had a lack of televisions but no shortage of good conversation.

5 – Read and write. I’m moving out of order because I started my day by reading and blogging but Friday was even cooler because I had time to write a lot more (even though I really write as much as I want every day I just felt like I was able to explore more places to read and write at.

Other things I wish I’d done/would have done were the weather nicer: Gone to a library. Taken a swim. Taken a hike. Played some basketball. Rented a bike and gone riding. Had a picnic. Wrote a poem. Gone for a run.

I had a pretty great and relaxing day off. And it was much cheaper than my anticipated trip to Charlotte would have been.


Make taking care of yourself a priority.