Are Your Goals Actionable?

Before I begin, I want to thank you all for coming along on this ride. Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere (or at least I don’t plan to). I just wanted to announce that, as I write this, I have published exactly 1,400 posts to The Daniels Daily Reader (and hundreds more on those blogs that came before this one). So, as we come up on 2019, I’m going to put out some of my best young professional content to date and I expect you all to hold me to it. This is #TheRoadToPost1500. Let’s work.

I know, I know… We all say “New me, new you” is overused but let’s be for real. We’re just over a week from a new year and that year is a new benchmark (Obviously, this was written before Christmas but just work with me). We figure out what we set out to accomplish and examine what we did. We evaluate what we lost and what we learned. And then we move forward.

Last December, I wrote down a decent-sized list of objectives for 2018 and shared it with one of my accountability partners for feedback. This year, I am doing the same, and I’m adding a plan of action for all measurable goals this time. Steps. Timelines. Things that you can measure. Make the list actionable and malleable. If you find yourself ahead of schedule, stretch further. If you’re behind, adjust the action plan. Let’s make this year phenomenal. Let’s learn more about ourselves and how far our potential can take us than we ever thought we would.


Make making it make sense a priority.


Don’t Burn Out Already.

I’m writing this on the stationary bike in the gym this morning. It’s empty. Do you want to know why? Because people set themselves up for failure. They set lofty goals. And there is nothing wrong with a lofty goal that matches solid determination. But when you mix the former with inconsistency, you’re setting yourself up for an early exit. So, as you set goals going forward, know it is better to do something and work your way up to a lofty point than to start thinking you will change everything just because the date on the calendar changed. That takes more than a plan; it takes you taking an inventory of yourself and your own motivation.

It’s ok though. I look at every day (as opposed to every year) as an opportunity to improve on my ability to be consistent. You should too.

Make professional and personal development priorities.