It’s Been Real

Well, folks. It’s been real. I’m done writing in the Daniels Daily Reader… for the rest of 2017.

Fear not. I will be back with great content (and maybe a new design if I feel so inclined) during the first week of 2018. I need to take an extended break and really put a dent in this book that I’ve been “writing” for over a year now, along with a few other projects that I want to put together. Plus, I just need to develop a new strategy for this blog and where I see it going in years to come. Will it keep being daily? Will I bring on more guest writers? Will Batman and Robin make it out of the Batmobile as it sinks slowly to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? Find out next time on The Daniels Daily Reader. (Sorry. I think my thirties will be my most eccentric decade thus far.)

Thanks to all of you readers for being an instrumental part of my first 30 years. And, don’t stop thumbing through the archives of the site. There’s a ton of great stuff that can be found on my search bar. Plus, I’ll still be posting to @DanDailyReader on Instagram throughout the week, so make sure you’re following.

Make taking time to refocus a priority.


#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 15

I’m always working to incorporate more practices into my life that will make me happier, more productive, and more effective. These 29 short tips are certainly worth reading and implementing where you can.
I got this sent to my inbox and had to send it out. And, though it’s written to those of us in our twenties (phew! I can still say that for the next three-ish weeks), it is applicable to those of you in your thirties so don’t fret.
It’s not just about getting more sleep but about getting better sleep. If you’re anything like me, your phone keeps you up later than you’d like it to. Whether scrolling on social media or reading your favorite blog, most of us spend time in bed with a screen in our hands. And, for me, most of that starts with a notification I get from people who aren’t really talking about anything worth losing sleep over. This article will help me (and hopefully you) combat that.
Make professional development a priority.

You Want 100% Every Day? How?

The past two days, I’ve been slacking in my mind (but for good reason). I got back from 12 days straight of working my 8-5 and blogging every week day and my mind was exhausted. Now, I couldn’t take two days off from my job but you know what I could take a break from? This blog. So I did. My mind can only go so hard before shutting down. And the same is true for yours. Give your all when you can but know that, eventually, your all has been depleted and it is at that moment that you need to reprioritize your efforts and re-energize.

In short, always make sure you take some time to recharge. You might work hard six days a week but, on that seventh, take time to enjoy the sun and smile.


Make professional development a priority.

Everything Is Earned

Why are you in bed?  Why are you eating?  Why are you relaxing at the end of the day watching TV?  What have you done to earn these luxuries that so many of us take for granted?  If you’re not where you want to be in life, work to get there.  If your bank account isn’t stable, pick up an extra job to get it there.  And I will be the first to admit that “picking up an extra job” is easier typed than done but try.  Put in that extra effort.  Put in one more application a night.  Reach out to your network and say “I need some help.”  Humble yourself now so you can provide for your family later.  But don’t just sit there.  Times get tough.  Things seem like they’re not going to work out.  Sometimes things don’t work out.  That’s life.  Try something else.  And if that doesn’t work, try something else.  Keep trying until something works.  And, if you’re trying your hardest, fruitful or not, then you’ve earned your breaks so that you can be successful on the next try.  But if you’re not working toward something, you get no sleep.