Switch It Up

I just want to live long, avoid health complications that will cause me and my family pain, to look good at the beach, and to let off steam. But switching up the way in which I accomplish that was necessary to my ability to succeed in those goals.


The Time It Takes

The time it takes to make yourself a bit better every day is worth it. it's easier to build strength than it is to repair brokenness. So build yourself up everyday, piece by piece. Apply for a job. Read a book. Write an article. Run a few miles. Because the alternative is rely on social … Continue reading The Time It Takes

On Your Mark

Last week, I told you all what Friday means from now on: Fitness!  No, every post won't be about actual exercise but I am going to try to focus on different aspects of health on a weekly basis because, as I said seven days ago, health is the most important aspect of anyone's life, including … Continue reading On Your Mark