You’re Doing It Wrong

How many times have you heard "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?"  That's only true to an extent these days.  That saying came about when a collared shirt was a staple in casual (and I mean "grocery store shopping" casual) dress.  So there was nowhere to go but up as … Continue reading You’re Doing It Wrong



Here we are, halfway through October and the weather should be cooling down over the next few weeks. But, just because it’s fall/winter doesn't mean you don't have to still look your best at work. So how can you look great and still stay warm? Layering my friends. Layering. Now, you don't want to walk … Continue reading Layering

Understanding the Dress Shirt: Custom Shirt

Great article from The Art of Manliness. A man’s dress shirt can elegantly frame his face during a presentation and later absorb his perspiration during a tough round of questioning. It can play a supporting role by enhancing his sport jacket or it can stand alone and be the centerpiece of his outfit. The dress … Continue reading Understanding the Dress Shirt: Custom Shirt

The Details

Have you ever heard the saying "The devil is in the details?" If you haven't what that means is details are what make anything truly great. That goes for a presentation, a book, a blog, or a meal. And the same holds true for your clothing. A solid white shirt is always a safe move … Continue reading The Details

How to Iron

A few weeks ago, my younger brother Reko asked me how to properly iron a dress shirt so I showed him.  Then I thought "There are probably other people who need to know this too."  Since I can't visit every one of my readers and show them how to have their shirts look like they … Continue reading How to Iron

Men’s Essentials 2.0

Great infographic I found a while back on Pinterest.  I've got everything mentioned except the gloves and some of the coats.  Those things will be this summer's goals.  (Hint: Buying them during the summer b/c everything is less off-season).