The Details

Have you ever heard the saying “The devil is in the details?” If you haven’t what that means is details are what make anything truly great. That goes for a presentation, a book, a blog, or a meal. And the same holds true for your clothing. A solid white shirt is always a safe move to make but what if you decide you don’t want to be safe today? Finding a quality shirt with subtle details that make it look great with your suits is not always easy but it is rewarding when they come together. I love a nice … Continue reading The Details

How to Iron

A few weeks ago, my younger brother Reko asked me how to properly iron a dress shirt so I showed him.  Then I thought “There are probably other people who need to know this too.”  Since I can’t visit every one of my readers and show them how to have their shirts look like they just got pressed at the cleaners, I’m going to share a short piece I read in Valet about a year back. We asked the production team at Thomas Pink’s London studio for a detailed, yet uncomplicated guide to the perfectly ironed shirt. Here’s how they … Continue reading How to Iron