#TrendingThursday 2.0 – Num. 12

Some great articles about benchmark ages in life, good bar manners, properly wearing suits, and leadership.

Everyone Needs a Little Sophistiratchet

I'm Mr. Professional Development.  Mr. Suit and Tie.  Mr. Hard Leather Briefcase During My Junior Year of College.  And that is all well and good.  But, every now and then, we all need a bit of fun.  We all need to be able to relax and let loose.  Now, I'm not saying you have to go … Continue reading Everyone Needs a Little Sophistiratchet

“On the Rocks.”

On the 3rd, I turned 28.  On the 4th, I celebrated with a few friends.  We went to a local brewery and had a few drinks.  One of my fraternity brothers bought me a bottle of Kentucky bourbon that had been aged for 10 years.  And, last night, as I opened it for the first time, … Continue reading “On the Rocks.”

Business Travel For Beginners

Guess who I'm writing this article for?  Myself and those young professionals like me who are starting to move up in their careers and now must travel for work.  Over the current fiscal year, I will take 20 business-related trips so I'm about to make up some rules that, to me, seem like common sense … Continue reading Business Travel For Beginners

Social Media in 2013: User Demographics For Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest And Instagram

by Leo Widrich Out of all internet users 67% are using social networks. And which kind of demographic uses which social network has been forever interesting for marketers. Some of the latest insights from Pew Research centers reveals the latest stats. Twitter is still used more than Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Also, African-Americans and Hispanics … Continue reading Social Media in 2013: User Demographics For Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest And Instagram

#TrendingThursday – Week 49

It's one day until Friday!  No complaints there (except for those of us who work retail and then it's still one day closer to making more money so it's a win-win).  I hope everyone has a great and safe Memorial Day weekend. How To Be Happy At Work--Despite That Jerk Boss by Vivek Wadhwa How … Continue reading #TrendingThursday – Week 49