What’s Really Important

Figure out what three things are important to you and how those three can connect to the rest of your life. Let that push you day by day.


Growth Over Goals

The beauty of life is that we won't always hit our goals when we plan to but we can always be growing.

Wrong Is Wrong

Dear* America, You stole their land when they were willing to share with you. You then promised them reservations. Now you're stealing the reservations you had no right to even give them on land that you had no right to take. When will this evil stop? Imminent domain is a figment of a lie that has been perpetuated … Continue reading Wrong Is Wrong

Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone

"Smartphones, dumb (stuff)." That's the edited version of the last line of a chorus on R&B artist Trey Songz's most recent album.  And, where it has nothing to do with professional development, I see plenty of people who use their smartphones for so so soooo many pointless things.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  … Continue reading Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone