Trending Thursday Two Point Oh.

Way back in the day (ok, more like two years ago), I used to publish a Trending Thursday post, which was a top five list of the most impactful articles I'd read within the past week or two. I think that reading is a huge part of being able to develop and I don't want … Continue reading Trending Thursday Two Point Oh.


Foundation > Bottom

Yesterday, I read a blog post by one of my favorite branding/marketing/leadership gurus, Seth Godin. The post, titled "It's not the bottom, it's the foundation" touches on how often we treat those who are paid the least and interact with our customers the most as if they were at the bottom of the organizational chart, … Continue reading Foundation > Bottom

Apps: The New Corporate Cost-Cutting Tool

Yesterday I was reading the LinkedIn article "Jujitsu 2013: How Apps Turn Customers Into Workers" by Dennis K. Berman. It pointed me to Anton Troianovski's article in The Journal about the impact apps are having on branding and the overall structure of businesses these days. Great read. TRUMBULL, Conn.—The biggest mall in town stopped staffing … Continue reading Apps: The New Corporate Cost-Cutting Tool