Logical Tradition or Traditional Logic?

I'm at a point in my life where I just don't want to do illogical things in relation to my professional life. Pointless tradition in families is entertained for nostalgia's sake. In work settings, it can often be little more than an irritant.


Don’t Believe The Hype

Contrary to popular belief, everyone isn't an urban hipster. Everyone doesn't live in a loft, have a wild sex life, and drink lattes every morning. Everyone isn't a creative nor an entrepreneur nor a photographer nor a Crossfit enthusiast. Everyone doesn't dress like a model every day. Everyone doesn't do everything. Everyone doesn't do anything. … Continue reading Don’t Believe The Hype

Wear Dreams

"I don't wear clothes. I wear dreams." -- D. A. Daniels, Jr. Develop a style. A style of your own. A style that, though cognizant of contemporary fashion norms, is nowhere near restricted to them. Allow your style to be timeless, not just timely. I see people I work with every week outside of work settings. They … Continue reading Wear Dreams

The men’s white button up…really necessary? (Response)

Yesterday, I ended up reading my brother Marcus Hawley's, owner of Natty Neckware, blog post, "The men’s white button up…really necessary?"  I'm telling you, this guy hit the nail on the head.  Marcus's specialty is neckwear but how often do you see a bow or necktie without a collared shirt?  (Don't worry.  I'll wait.)  Therefore, … Continue reading The men’s white button up…really necessary? (Response)

fit Capture

  We all have Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.  All three platforms allow us to post photographs.  But do all three apps allow you to develop your fashion sense by knowing what brands the people you're following are wearing?  Do they allow you click on the brand and see who else is wearing that brand and … Continue reading fit Capture

Off-Season Wishlist

Do you ever know you ever feel like you need a wardrobe staple but can't afford it?  A pair of lightweight jeans?  An overcoat for the winter?  Well, I strongly suggest making an off-season wishlist.  Buying things at the ends of seasons or completely out of season is the thing to do.  See, at the … Continue reading Off-Season Wishlist

What The Heck Do You Have On?

I got an email this morning from Bonobos HR and at first thought it was a mistake.  But then I realized it was a great marketing tool related to how to properly dress in different situations.  And I thought it would be a great learning tool.  Recently, I saw a gentleman wearing an outfit for … Continue reading What The Heck Do You Have On?