Don’t Be Smart. Be A.I.-Proof.

Today, as I was driving to work, I saw a machine shredding tree branches down to twigs and I said to Desirée, "25 years ago, that job would've been done by 5 to 10 men. I feel bad for these guys who are losing manual labor jobs to machines just so the rich can get … Continue reading Don’t Be Smart. Be A.I.-Proof.


Code2040 Hosts Walter Latham

Have you ever heard of Code2040? I’m willing to bet that you haven’t unless you’re either Black or Latinx entrepreneur, and even then, you may not know. I was unfamiliar until LionsHead Media Creative Director Corey Freeman hipped me to the importance of Code2040. It is a nonprofit organization focused on increasing Black and Latinx … Continue reading Code2040 Hosts Walter Latham

The Sword With Two Edges

Technology is great, right? It allows us to connect with anyone anywhere at any time of the day. Think about what it must've been like 200 years ago when you wanted to reach out to your parents while you were away at college or had just moved up to New York to chase your big … Continue reading The Sword With Two Edges

Taking Proper Measures

I haven't done a tech post in what seems like FOREVER. And I hate that I'm doing one right now. Yesterday, I found out that my external hard drive had died on me. Completely shut down. It had everything on it. Sure, all of my résumés are backed up via e-mail, as are some of my … Continue reading Taking Proper Measures

You Are Capable

Most of my posts are for young professionals but this one is for those who are seasoned. In 1995, it made sense to ask your assistant to find something in your e-mail for you or remind you of something.  But now, in 2016, if you are the owner of a smartphone, you can do so … Continue reading You Are Capable

The 12 best new features coming to the iPhone.

A new version of Apple's smartphone and tablet operating system is coming out and Business Insider touches on what you should be looking for on iOS 9.  Some of the artificial intelligence is a bit more than you may be comfortable with (everything from reading your email while the phone is ringing to reminding you … Continue reading The 12 best new features coming to the iPhone.

14 Hidden Tricks and Tools in iOS 8

by Samantha Murphy Kelly Some of the best new features on iOS 8 are the ones you probably haven't used yet. That's because Apple has hidden a collection of new tricks and tools deep into its new mobile operating system, and many aren't easy to find. SEE ALSO: 7 Ways to Preserve Your Battery Life … Continue reading 14 Hidden Tricks and Tools in iOS 8