Betting On Yourself

I know that, while I’m grateful for my income, I could be bringing in so much more and I can do that while keeping my current job and gaining this valuable experience. Continue reading Betting On Yourself


It’s expensive being rich

This morning, I saw this article in the Money Magazine section of CNN and I had to share.  It talks about the cost of being rich and, more than anything, I hope many of you see it is a forewarning.  There is no one who wants to live in squalor.  Everyone wants to be financially stable and be able to handle their responsibilities.  But this article talks about the burden that excessive spending can cause on a life.  So, instead of getting money and continuing to blow it, how about you live a reasonably comfortable life instead of allowing for … Continue reading It’s expensive being rich

Minimum Wages Are Pointless

I’m going to step of the beaten path for a few minutes with this post.  Generally, I post an article that I’ve read this week for Financial Friday.  This week though, I want to expound upon a topic that I was tweeting back and forth with an executive at Black Enterprise last week.  We were discussing minimum wage and I made the point that minimum wage itself is not the issue.  Instead, it is the system of capitalism.  Minimum wage is just a number.  The thing is, that number, like any other number, can be manipulated by the powers that … Continue reading Minimum Wages Are Pointless

Nine Formulas For Wealth Building

So, if you didn’t know, a distinction can be drawn between being wealthy and being rich.  I won’t go into it, primarily because Google is a great tool that you can use to expand your understanding of simple words.  BUT what I will do is post this article by William Baldwin that I found on Forbes with guidelines on how you build wealth (if you haven’t Googled it yet, wealth > rich).  Long story short, it’s all about what you can retire on.  Anyway, enjoy the read and have a great first Friday of December.  I know I will.  If you … Continue reading Nine Formulas For Wealth Building

Despite Fed, Cost of Consumer Borrowing Could Rise | Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 | 12:47 PM ET For consumers, Wednesday’s Federal Reserve announcement is a mixed bag. Chairman Ben Bernanke said the Fed would leave the federal funds rate untouched at 0.25 percent. The committee will also continue its program of purchasing $85 billion in Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities each month, although Bernanke said it could taper off that purchase later this year. (Read more: Taper Tipoff? Bernanke Hints Easing End Is Near) Much of the banking and borrowing consumers do is tied to that federal funds rate, which means rates aren’t rising anytime soon. “The Fed would actually have … Continue reading Despite Fed, Cost of Consumer Borrowing Could Rise