Investing In Me

I couldn't do it all myself. I couldn't keep tossing pennies into a wishing well and hoping that some magical genie would appear with a stack of opportunities. I had to put my money where my mouth was and pay someone who had the resources I don't have to get me where I needed to … Continue reading Investing In Me


Automate. Personalize.

Automate content. Personalize responses. It's that simple. Create content for everyone. Content that all of your readers want to read. Content that even those you aren't looking to reel in will click on so that they can copy and paste the link to their family member or friend or coworker. Your content has to be … Continue reading Automate. Personalize.

Trending Thursday Week 69

Just a few of the articles I've been reading this past week to help you grow as a young professional.  Check out those that apply to you, share those that don't (as well as those that do).   Have a great weekend! Does Your Resume Tell Your Story? by Liz Ryan Is Texting the Future of … Continue reading Trending Thursday Week 69


Good evening. I'm running a bit late on my blog tonight and, because of poor planning, I didn't think about what application to focus on for my #TechTuesday post today. Then I thought about the fact that blogging is the new "in" thing and I knew I'd post about the WordPress application that I use … Continue reading WordPress