What’s Really Important

Figure out what three things are important to you and how those three can connect to the rest of your life. Let that push you day by day.

The Sword With Two Edges

Technology is great, right? It allows us to connect with anyone anywhere at any time of the day. Think about what it must've been like 200 years ago when you wanted to reach out to your parents while you were away at college or had just moved up to New York to chase your big … Continue reading The Sword With Two Edges

Know What You’re Ready For

I know myself. I know where I am in life. I know what I want right now. And I know how much time I want to invest in my career. Right now, I don't want to invest 60+ hours a week in my job. So I wouldn't apply for a position that requires that, no … Continue reading Know What You’re Ready For

It’s Not Worth Your Sanity

Last week was a long week for me at work, as well as outside of.  I had a ton on my plate and because I'm fairly new here, I realize that developing a reputation as a hard worker is critical to my ability to succeed.  But do you know what I also realize?  Boundaries must be … Continue reading It’s Not Worth Your Sanity